Law Professor.

Investment Fund Scholar.

Public Speaker.


Foster Care Alumni.


Meet Professor Shelby

My name is Cary Martin Shelby and I am an educator, speaker, and author. On paper, my professional background appears to embody a glistening road towards success. I am a business law professor who decided to research investment fund regulation after practicing as a hedge fund attorney for close to four years. Yet, my road to academia has been ridden with adversities such as foster care, chronic poverty, and other layers of trauma. As an educator, these adversities have driven me to make the law more accessible to a wider range of students, who may be encountering comparable challenges. As a scholar, these experiences have impassioned me to think more critically about the ways in which the law regulates the allocation of capital, which often serves as a mechanism to perpetuate wealth inequality. As a woman who is impassioned with purpose, my blog includes periodic postings related to the ways in which my experiences as a former foster youth have shaped my career trajectory, and other related topics. My memoir, The Found Daughter: Pulling Together the Pieces of my Mosaic, is currently under representation by literary agent Eric Myers at Myers Literary Management. I am looking forward to sharing this journey with you.

Educate, Advocate, and Inspire  


I started public speaking when I was a law student at Northwestern Pritzker School of Law. I spoke as a Speakers Bureau member for the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless where I educated lawyers, judges, and several other audiences about issues facing homeless youth. Today, I use my public speaking skills to teach law students from across the country, while continuously presenting my research regarding increasing access to capital and improving market integrity. I intend to expand my public speaking engagements to further advocate and inspire young women to rise into their greatness. 

Investment Fund Scholar and Foster Care Alumni  


I have published nine law review articles and am currently working on an agenda of projects related to social impact investing. I have also written a number of shorter op-ed pieces connected to my research. My blog includes posts related to self-discovery and self-healing for those seeking to overcome adversity, as well as other posts connected to my research. I am seeking to publish my memoir which documents my journey from foster care to college.